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Services & Pricing

Simple Health Acupuncture offers a variety of Traditional Medicine services. We tailor our treatments to fit the need of each individual patient. We offer the cumulative experience of 5000 years of ancient Chinese Medicine, to bring you relief for whatever condition or ailment you may have.

Treatment Modalities:
        • Acupuncture
        • Acupressure
        • Herbal Medicine
        • Detox Cupping
        • Tui-Na Massage
        • Pain Management
        • Stress Management
        • Acupuncture + Massage Combination Treatment
        • Weight Loss and Weight Management
        • Nutritional Counseling
        • Fertility Treatments

We accept any insurance company that provides acupuncture benefits!
Let us know your insurance information and we'll find out your coverage for you.

Acupuncture Rates

 Initial Treatment: $90
Follow Up Treatments: $70

4 Treatment Package: $55 per session
  10 Treatment Package: $45 per session

Cellulite Treatment:

A La Carte Single Session: $60
10 Session Treatment Package: $450

Weight Loss Packages:

Area Specific Plan:

10 Session Package: $400
(focused weight loss in specific areas of the body)

Full Body Plan:

10 Session Package: $500
(weight loss for the entire body)
*includes Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Counseling

Massage Rates

Swedish and Deep Tissue
30 Minute Massage: $40
60 Minute Massage: $65
90 Minute Massage: $95

60 Min: $80
90 Min: $110

Massage Packages
60 Min Sessions

3 Session Package: $50 per hour

5 Session Package: $45 per hour

*Includes bonus cupping session

Other Rates

Herbal Medicine: Price Varies

Detox Cupping: $30 (FREE with Pain Management Acupuncture)

Pain Relief Cupping: $35 (FREE with Pain Management Acupuncture)

An Acupuncture treatment makes a wonderful gift.
We offer gift certificates as well.

Simple Health Acupuncture
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